Best File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade: 2023 Review


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The best file for sharpening a lawn mower blade is the Corona Mill Bastard Cut File. It’s engineered with precision for maximum effectiveness, and it’s made from top-quality materials to ensure longevity.

Choosing the best file for sharpening your lawn mowers can be challenging. That’s why we’re here to help you with making a good and effective decision. In this guide, we’ll discuss the types of files available, their pros and cons, and provide you with some tips on things to look out for when choosing the best sharpener for your lawn mower blade. So, let’s get started!

Best Files For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades: A Comparative Review

Let’s get to discussing in detail about all the files:

1. Corona Mill Bastard Cut File

The Corona 6-Inch Sharpening File is a top-quality file that is designed to keep your lawn mower blade in optimal condition. This file is engineered with precision using high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity.

With its precise tooth angle and forming, this file is clearly the best at sharpening your lawn mower blade compared to other files. Its superior strength, resistance to corrosion and abrasion, and consistent quality make it an essential tool for any lawn care professional or homeowner.

Why This Is The Best File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades

The Corona 6-Inch Sharpening File is a high-quality and reliable tool that can help you keep your lawn mower blade in excellent condition. The file is made from top-quality materials, and every product goes through more than 100 quality checks to ensure consistent quality.

Its superior cutting performance, resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and overall durability make it an exceptional investment especially for lawn mower blades. By choosing the Corona 6-Inch Sharpening File, you are choosing a tool that provides optimal sharpening results and lasts a long time.

In addition to its durability and precise tooth angle, the Corona 6-Inch Sharpening File offers top-quality heat treatment for increased strength and hardness. Its chromium-enriched surface ensures prolonged resistance to abrasion and corrosion, which means that it will stand the test of time, and that’s why it’s the best file on the market.
The Corona 6-Inch Sharpening File is also designed for easy installation and use, making it an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and straightforward tool for sharpening.

Overall, the Corona 6-Inch Sharpening File combines precision, durability, and exceptional cutting performance, making it a must-have tool for anyone in need of a high-quality file for lawn mower blade sharpening.


Made from durable materials for long-term use
High-quality heat treatment for increased strength and hardness
Chromium-enriched surface for prolonged resistance to abrasion and corrosion
Precise tooth angle and tooth forming for better cutting performance
Consistent quality with over 100 product checks to ensure exceptional manufacturing standards


The file’s handle is not ergonomically designed for comfort, which could lead to hand fatigue during use.

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2. Crescent Nicholson 8″ Axe File

The Crescent Rectangular Axe File is a versatile and effective piece of equipment that is designed to keep your lawn mower and other garden tools and axes sharp. This file is designed with a double-cut side for quick and efficient material removal, and a single-cut side for a fine and polished surface finish.

The rectangular shape of this file has a large surface area that ensures easier and faster filing work on your tools. Its safe edges make it less likely to damage your tools, while its eight-inch length makes it ideal for use in confined spaces.

Why You Should Buy This File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blades

Sharpening your lawn mower blades and garden tools like axes can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right file for the job. Luckily, the Crescent Rectangular Axe File is an ideal file for sharpening axes, hatchets, sickles, and other garden tools, including your lawn mower blade.

Its double-cut side allows for quick material removal, and the single-cut side allows you to finish your work with a polished surface. The rectangular shape has a large surface area that makes your filing work easier, while the safe edges allow you to work in restricted spaces without worrying about damaging your tools which can be very important with lawn mower blades.

Another reason you should buy the Crescent Rectangular Axe File is its professional-grade quality. The manufacturer, Apex Tool Group, is well-known for producing tools that are of exceptional quality and unrivaled functionality. This file is made from high-quality metal that is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you get the most of your investment.


Rectangular shape with large surface area for faster filing work
Double-cut side for rough filing and single-cut side for fine finishing
Safe edges for easy use in restricted spaces and minimizes the risk of damaging your lawn mower
Versatile enough for sharpening lawn mower blades and a range of garden tools
Ideal for removing ridges and burrs


May not be suitable for heavy-duty sharpening jobs

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3. Kapoua Hand Metal Needle File

If you’re looking for a set of files that can help you sharpen your lawn mower blade as well as work on other delicate projects, then the Kapoua Needle File Set is a great option. Made of carbon steel, these files have high hardness and a fine-grained texture for long-lasting cutting performance.

The set includes six different file designs, each with a unique shape for various applications. The files also feature a comfortable rubberized handle for ease of use and a stable grip.

Why You Should Buy

The Kapoua Needle File Set is a practical toolset that is perfect for anyone who needs to work on delicate and small projects. From sharpening lawn mower blades to shaping metal, wood, jewelry, and other materials, this set of six different file designs provides versatility and precision in all applications.

The set is made of high-quality carbon steel, ensuring that it can handle tough and frequent use, and the gear teeth design of the file promotes efficient cutting performance. The unique shape of each file allows you to tackle a wide range of optimization tasks on different surfaces that require finer precision.
Additionally, the rubberized handle of each file is designed for comfort and stability, even during prolonged use. The dipped handle is firm to allow a stable grip for safe and easy use with little chance of slipping even in wet conditions.

The Kapoua Needle File Set offers excellent value for money while providing superb quality and functionality.


Made of high-quality carbon steel for toughness and durability
Six different file designs for a variety of applications
Comfortable, rubberized handle for ease of use and fatigue reduction
Gear teeth design for clear surface grain and efficient cutting performance
Suitable for multiple materials including wood, metal, jewelry, glass, and ceramics


May not be ideal for larger filing jobs
The file set does not come with a case for storage and organization

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How to Choose the Right File for Sharpening Your Lawn Mower Blade

1. Consider the type of blade on your lawn mower

The type of blade on your lawn mower will determine the type of file needed to sharpen it. Rotary mower blades have a curved cutting edge and require a curved file, while reel mower blades are straight and require a straight file. Using the wrong file can result in damaging the blade or even the file.

2. Take note of the level of dullness

The level of dullness of the blade dictates the type of file grit to use. For blades heavily damaged, a coarse file is recommended. For minor touch-ups, a finer file would suffice. Ensuring the proper grit level for your file ensures an efficient and effective sharpening process.

3. Choose the right file size

To avoid uneven sharpening or damaging the blade, choosing the right file size is essential. It is recommended that the file’s length should exceed the width of the blade, which can provide a balance in sharpening the blades.

4. Check the file’s teeth count

The number of teeth in different files may vary depending on the manufacturer. Using different teeth counts may deliver varying results. For a lawn mower blade, a file with around 8-10 teeth per inch is the ideal choice.

5. Select the appropriate file handle

Using a file with the right handle is essential for a comfortable grip and efficient use. A rubberized handle, when available, is recommended to provide a sturdy grip and safety from slipping. A comfortable grip ensures a smooth and safer sharpening process.

Picking the right file for sharpening your lawn mower blade is essential for efficient and safe results and the tips above should help with that.



So, What’s The Best File For Sharpening Lawn Mower Blade

While there are so many good files available in the market, the Corona file in this post stands out as the best option for sharpening your lawn mower blades. Its double-cut design allows for quick and easy removal of material from the blade, while the single-cut side provides a fine finish. The file’s rectangular shape and large surface area make it ideal for tackling challenging ridges and burrs.

Overall, the choice of the best file can also depend on factors like the type of blade and the level of dullness, so it is important to choose a file that will suit your specific sharpening needs.